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BATH CODE has an expertise of more than 10 years in selecting and distributing bathrooms and sanitary wares made in Europe, mostly Italy and Germany.

We proud ourselves to build strong relationships with both factories and clients. We believe we are very well positioned in the market concerning quality, variety and prices.


We guarantee fast deliveries as we only ship by courier, at our own cost. If the item is already produced, we are able to ship it in 3 to 4 days directly from the factory. Add 7 to 10 more days if the product needs to be manufactured.

BATH CODE is managed by a professional skilled staff, with expertise in interior design. We aim to give our clients confidence when selecting the designs that best reflect their requirements & tastes.


Since the beginning, BATH CODE has been chosen by private clients but also by the most professional and famous architect and design studios to create residential and commercial projects. We are very proud to have contributed to supply iconic villas, restaurants and hotels.

BATH CODE General Trading LLC


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